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~ Request a Review ~

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If you are an author, narrator, or publisher with a book you would like me to review in exchange for a free copy then please get in touch using the contact form below, or via the MLHearingThings Facebook page.

If you wish me to review a published audiobook then please provide the titlesummary, and a link to a sample of the audiobook with your inquiry. The easiest way to do this is by linking to that book's page on Audible or Amazon. 


  • I am based in the UK, but I can now accept Audible/ACX codes for Audible UK and US. If your audiobook is hosted on a different platform then please ensure that it is licensed to the the UK marketplace. I can accept audiobooks from most online retailers providing they allow me to access a free copy, either with a promo code or as a gift.

  • My reviews also post here and on Goodreads. If your book is not available on Audible then I can post reviews to other platforms such as Bookbub, iTunes, Google Play, or the publisher's website, if you wish. 

  • Time and energy restrictions limit the number of requests I can accept, but I'll always help if I can.

  • I aim to complete reviews within 6 weeks of redeeming the free download code, and will inform you of any delays.

  • My reviews are honest and unbiased. If I agree to review your book I cannot promise to give it a positive review, only that I always endeavour to be fair.

  • There are no inflexible restrictions regarding the genre of books I will review, but I reserve the right to decline a book at my discretion. Horror, Thrillers, and Dystopian Fiction are my least-favourite genres, but if your book appeals to me then I will make an exception.

If you have an as-yet unreleased audiobook which you would like me to review privately for quality control purposes (beta listening) prior to publication, this can be discussed too.

Please ensure that you are happy with my Review Policy and Rating System before requesting a review. Thank you!

For your convenience, you may submit your request via this Google Submissions Form (with inbuilt checklist), or using the contact form below.

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.