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~ Review Policy ~

Miss Lawrence's Bitmoji cartoon avatar, a woman with big glasses and long brown hair, in a red dress, sits on a stack of books, reading.Reviews:

Many of the audiobooks I review have been sent to me as advance copies, and the rest come from my sizeable and rather eclectic personal collection. What I listen to depends on my mood and my health, with fluffier audiobooks being a mainstay when energy is low or pain levels are high.

I tend not to listen to new releases or bestsellers when they first come out or are at the height of their popularity unless I have been eagerly anticipating them or they catch my eye, so you may not find the most up-to-date information here if you're looking for reviews of the Next Big Thing.

I aim to listen to a couple of audiobooks a week, which isn't a lot but does then leave me time to catch up with my favourite podcasts, binge on BBC iPlayer Radio shows, and occasionally speak to my friends and loved ones.

My reviews are reflective of my own listening experience, nothing more. I take notes as I listen and summarise my thoughts, expectations, and overall sentiments at the end. My proofreading and editing background often influences my opinion, but if you're after a proper literary review then you'll have to buy the Times supplement!

Categories and Labels:

To find the audiobooks you are most interested in you can either search the blog for keywords or navigate to book reviews of your favourite genres using the categories in the sidebar. (On mobiles and tablets the sudebar is accessible via the menu button in the bottom right of the screen.)

- Audiobooks which contain explicit erotic scenes as a central part of the plot will be clearly marked as such. They will be tagged as 'erotic fiction' or 'erotic romance', and will have 🔥Steamy Content!🔥 listed beneath the duration. Not every book containing intimate scenes will have an advisory label but the ones which are particularly explicit or devote much of the book to NSFW material will; mainly so that people know not to listen to them on a family road trip!

- Audiobooks I have reviewed after receiving a free copy are labelled as such for transparency.

FRC (Free Review Copy) Policy:

I regularly review titles on Audible in exchange for a free copy of the audiobook. A requirement of this service is that all reviews remain free from influence or obligation. None of my reviews are paid or otherwise sponsored beyond the receipt of a free copy, and any links that do lead to sponsored content - such as Audible's affiliate program - will be clearly marked and have no impact upon the content of a review.

Whilst I do not consider any genre off-limits, I only agree to review books when I think I will enjoy them, am interested in the subject matter, or like the narrator. I hate having to post a bad review and will always try to be balanced, but candour is paramount. I want my reviews to be useful and to help listeners discover audiobooks that they, too, will enjoy.

I believe that the reviews on this blog are all as honest and unbiased as any readers' opinions ever are, (though if an audiobook is being narrated by Richard Armitage then it automatically receives five stars, and has to work really hard for me to knock any off...)

Links within Reviews:

Goodreads: Click on the book cover to go to that title's page on Goodreads if you'd like to add it to your 'Want to Read' list.

Audible: Text links to the book and the 'view' button at the end of each post will take you to Audible, where you can find out more, listen to a sample, buy the book, or add it to your wishlist. I do not receive any commission from a purchase made with credits. I include the links because if I read an audiobook review that intrigues me then I want to hear a sample and add it to my wishlist, so I hope that you will, too.

You can request a review of your audiobook, here and view my rating system here.
*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.