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There are several charities which are very dear to me, and I've chosen a few for whom I would like to raise some awareness and funds.

If you love audiobooks and would like to help make them available for people who struggle with reading print due to illnesses or disabilities, then please consider making a donation.

If you'd prefer to support one of the charities who provide support and fund research for people with similar autoimmune issues to my own, then please consider any of the following:

Compared to most health conditions  M.E/CFS is woefully underfunded. We are in desperate need of treatments, testing, and a better understanding of the illness itself.

When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis it was considered uncommon in children and much of the medication was experimental. Things have improved dramatically since then but the number of sufferers is still growing.

On average it takes 7-10 years for someone who is experiencing debilitating symptoms to finally be diagnosed with Endometriosis. Education - of the medical community and general public - is key to getting help to people who need it without delay.

Local charities which are very important to me include:

Supporting patients and their families in the hardest of times, not only is the hospice site a haven for those who are struggling, but they also provide fun activities for people living with terminal illnesses and bereavement services for families coping with loss.

One of our country's very best resources for Naval history, the NMRN help conserve these assets for generations to come. Not only do they help bring the history alive for visitors but are active in promoting history within education.

Helping to ensure that patients have access to the best treatment by fundraising for cutting-edge equipment and facilities.

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.