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Miss Lawrence's cartoon avatar, a woman with big glasses and long brown hair, in a red floral dress, sits cross legged on a toadstool surrounded by grass and clover, reading a blue book. A worm pops his head out of the earth in the bottom left corner.
Kate is an audiobook reviewer whose cherished Audible library is second in her affections only to her love of tea. (But please don't tell her partner, or her dog!)

Having adored audiobooks as a child and spent many of the years thereafter trawling charity shops and boot-sales for 'talking books' on cassette, the advent of Audible and other audiobook streaming services was gratefully - and enthusiastically - received. (Not least because it is so much more pleasant to listen to stories about intrepid explorers traipsing through mud and battling fearsome beasts than it ever was to trudge across a soggy playing field in the rain, dodging the sharp elbows of feisty pensioners at every tabletop...)

Audiobooks became even more important when, due to many years of autoimmune illness and a decade wrangling with M.E/CFS, Kate became unable to read novels in print with the voracity with which she had always previously devoured them. No longer simply an aid to soothing an overactive mind enough for sleep, audiobooks took centre stage in her 'reading' experience and she has not looked back.

As the cassettes gather dust and her digital library expands to levels of hoarding usually guarded by a dragon, Kate began seeking ways to share her love of audiobooks. This led to the creation of a discussion group for other people for whom ill health or disability steered them towards audiobooks, and the delight at once more feeling part of a book-loving community invigorated her affection for the format even further.

Invest in M.E Research
This blog was born following a year of keeping track of her listening on Goodreads, which resulted in several requests for reviews from authors and narrators. Reviews will be posted as books are finished, with previous reviews which pre-date this blog posted on 'Throwback Thursdays'. Although based in the UK, almost all the audiobooks reviewed on this blog are available internationally.

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.