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~ Blatant Nepotism ~

I have some very talented friends and family, and the opportunity to share their creations is far too good to pass up.


I've been very fortunate to meet several very talented authors through various creative groups - online and out in the real world - and there's an extraordinary wealth of talent in my home county of Hampshire, England. Here are a few who have either released audiobooks, uploaded their storytelling to youtube, or have published books which will be relevant to many reading this blog. (I reserve the right to sneak in a few who just happen to be marvellous in a far less specific fashion, too.)

"AJ Noon (1971 - still going) writes out of Portsmouth, England, and also performs locally. Having spent far too much time early in his life around computers, he now concentrates on writing. He has not won a Nobel prize, nor a Booker prize, but he did get a second place in a poetry competition at middle school. When not writing he can be found lurking around HMS Victory and the other historic ships in the area... telling stories of course."

As well as the paperbacks available, AJ Noon also regularly performs his stories and poems at live events, many of which have been uploaded to youtube (alongside a steady stream of timelapse lego videos!)

The most recent addition to AJ Noon's lengthy list of projects is a quarterly newsletter, The Trafalgar Times, which brings together facts, trivia, articles, book reviews, podcasts, and educational resources related to Britain's historic sailing fleet.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/Little-Bit-Creep-AJ-Noon-ebook/dp/B076J8KX69/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=aj+noon&qid=1552066721&s=gateway&sr=8-2    Book cover for Day of the Dead by Portsmouth Writer's Hub. Spooky creatures climb towards a house on a hill.

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Book cover for Lawless and The Devil of Euston Square"William Sutton was born in Scotland in 1970 and appeared in pantomime at the age of nine.  He learned blues harmonica from his Latin teacher, drove to California in a VW beetle and studied classics at Oxford. Besides writing radio plays and short stories, he has acted in the longest play in the world, tutored the Sugababes and played cricket for Brazil.

After living in Brazil and Italy, teaching English and singing in ice cream shops, he has returned to the UK where he teaches Latin and plays accordion. Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square is a literary mystery set beneath the smoggy cobblestones of Victorian London. The Scotsman newspaper said:

William Sutton's first novel is a fine, extravagant and thoroughly enjoyable example of Victorian Crime fiction. It somewhat resembles Boris Akunin's Fandòrin international bestsellers, and there is no good reason why Sutton's shouldn't also do very well."

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Book cover for City of Devils (Amazon UK)"Diana’s experiences in working in criminal justice have given her insight into the workings of the criminal mind. She has honed this in her criminological studies, attaining an M.A in Criminology in 1999 and a PhD in 2006. She has now turned her attention to crime fiction, producing her first novel, City of Devils, in 2013, the result of her MA in Creative Writing. She is currently working on her second PhD in Creative Writing.

Diana also runs crime writing workshops and regularly performs readings of her work including short stories with a supernatural element.

Her hobbies, when she’s not scaring people senseless, are eating, drinking and generally having a good time."

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Rachel Clarke

Book cover for Falling Through the World by Rachel Clarke    Book cover for Steps to Self Publishing by Rachel Clarke.

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.