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Update: A New Kind of Normal...

A living room scene overlaid with a home symbol and text reading "Stay Home, Stay Safe, Help our NHS"
In the coming weeks, I'll do my best to keep this blog and the social media pages associated with it as free from stressful news as I can, because I think we could all use a bit of distraction at the moment. Audiobooks are the perfect way to escape, and as this continues and more people find themselves stuck indoors, I'll endeavour to point you in the direction of things to keep yourselves and your families entertained.

Due to the unrelenting health nonsense I've been dealing with for the last couple of decades, the best thing I can do for our NHS right now is to stay indoors, out of the way, and hope not to become a burden on them. This means that I'll be self-isolating as much as possible until it all blows over!

As it stands right now, the increased restrictions on visitors mean that I have less help around the house than usual, and a greater amount of my energy is going on day-to-day things and trying not to become overwhelmed by the anxiety so many of us are feeling. (I'll try and make a useful list of a few audio-based coping strategies, soon.)

What does all this mean for us, and for MLHT?

With less energy for reviewing than usual, there may be fewer posts and they might be shorter. It could take me longer than predicted to get reviews up on the blog, and correspondence may not be swiftly addressed. I hope you will all bear with me, and that the delays won't be too noticeable.

Barring something catastrophic, I will honour all the reviews I have taken on already and I am looking forward to losing myself in your worlds. If you're an author, narrator, or publisher with an audiobook out soon then get in touch! I may not always be able to commit to a review, but I will try to put together a release blitz where possible and let people know about your books.

If anyone fancies submitting a guest post, we can talk about that, too! 

Nobody should feel alone, however isolated we have to be physically, and you can always drop me a line on any of our social media channels. I'll be back soon with a few audio freebies in my Lockdown Listens, but until then I hope that you are all staying safe, and - where possible - staying indoors.

Best wishes,

P.S - My current earworm is this song by The Mighty Boosh. I wonder why...

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.