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New Releases Roundup: January 2020

What I'm Adding to my Wishlist!

What I'm adding to my wishlist January 2020

I always have so many audiobooks queued up to listen to that I seldom keep up with all the new releases that pique my interest. This year, I'm hoping to use these 'roundup' posts to highlight a few of the most recent releases have have been added to my wishlist (or which have sometimes jumped straight into my library).


(Free for UK Audible subscribers)

Length: 3 hrs.
Release date: 08-01-20.
Publisher: Audible Original.

"Struggle to get to sleep? Wake up in the early hours unable to drift off again? Baddiel partners with sleep expert Dr Guy Leschziner to investigate what happens when we sleep, why we need it and what happens when we don't get enough of it."

I like the sound of this book because I struggle with sleep quality, and have always found Baddiel's comedy amusing and his documentaries insightful. This looks like a good mix.

Length: 3 hrs and 10 mins.
Release date: 16-01-20.

"This funny, moving collection of eight stories - written by a diverse crew of scientists, literary writers, and comics, and informed by science - explores what animal perspectives can show humans about the world we all share."

I love the diversity of the writers for these short stories, and hope the will be an entertaining glimpse into the natural world and the imagined lives of its inhabitants.

You Heard it Here First cover artYou Heard it Here First
Length: 4 hrs and 30 mins.
Release date: 30-12-19.
Publisher: Audible Original.

"Hosted by Imriel Morgan, the show cherry-picks from the Audible catalogue of podcasts, audiobooks and dramas, with laughs and fascinating facts along the way... Expect honest recommendations, to hear about listens you didn’t know existed, and to be welcomed in with open arms to our family of podcast, audiobook and audio drama lovers."

I'm looking forward to listening to this, and discovering a few hidden gems and new-to-me books and authors.


Narrated by: Richard Armitage.
Length: 10 hrs and 15 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 23-01-20.
Publisher: Penguin Audio.

"Three years ago, Gabe saw his daughter taken. In the back of a rusty old car, covered in bumper stickers. He was driving behind the car. He watched her disappear. But no one believes him."

I don't listen to many 'thrillers', but I'd pay to hear Richard Armitage reading the bus timetable, so this is going straight to the top of my wishlist!

Miss Austen cover art
Narrated by: Juliet Stevenson.
Length: 10 hrs and 54 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 23-01-20.
Publisher: Penguin Audio.

"A wonderfully original, emotionally complex novel that delves into why Cassandra burned a treasure trove of letters written by her sister, Jane Austen – an act of destruction that has troubled academics for centuries." 

What Janeite could resist a novel which imagines a reason for the destruction of the letters we wish we could read today? I'm also taking part in Listening Books' 2020 Audiobook Challenge and March's prompt is to pick a book that is set to be adapted for the screen. I've heard that this is already set to be turned into a television drama, so at the moment it is my front-runner for that spot.

Narrated by: Cassandra Campbell.
Length: 11 hrs and 36 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 14-01-20.
Publisher: Penguin Audio.

"A luminous, life-affirming novel about a 12-year-old boy who is the sole survivor of a deadly plane crash. As Edward comes of age against the backdrop of sudden tragedy, he must confront some of life's most profound questions: how do we make the most of the time we are given? And what does it mean not just to survive, but to truly live?"

This book isn't my usual genre, but I was moved by reviews I have read and think that it could be an interesting, contemplative listen.

Narrated by: Jen Gale.
Length: 8 hrs and 42 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 09-01-20.

"Easy, do-able, down to earth ideas and suggestions for everyone to help save the planet. If you want to save the planet, but your to-do list is already pretty long and remembering your re-usable coffee cup feels like a Herculean task, then this is the book for you. Find out how to fit "sustainable living" into your life, in a way that works for you. Change your impact without radically changing your life."

I've followed Jen Gale for a while and have already made a few changes but am really looking forward to hearing more of her tips and tricks for maximising my individual impact. Health nonsense limits some of the things I can make more sustainable, but there's always something we can do, and every little really does help!

Narrated by: Neil Dudgeon.
Length: 2 hrs and 56 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 31-01-20.
Publisher: Lübbe Audio.

"Set in the sleepy English village of Cherringham, the detective series brings together an unlikely sleuthing duo: English web designer Sarah and American ex-cop Jack. Thrilling and deadly - but with a spot of tea - it's like Rosamunde Pilcher meets Inspector Barnaby. Each of the self-contained episodes is a quick read for the morning commute, while waiting for the doctor, or when curling up with a hot cuppa."

The Cherringham books are one of my not-so-guilty pleasures. Though I will probably wait for the next 3-book compilation to come out, I always put the individual titles on my wishlist to remind me to check for new ones! As well as the shorts and compilations, there are also a couple of full-length Cherringham novels.

Narrated by: Patricia Gallimore.
Series: The Waverley Women, Book 1.
Length: 6 hrs and 7 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 19-12-19.
Publisher: Hachette Audio UK.

"The Earl of Tredair has had his fill of balls, routs and silly misses, and he despairs of finding anyone out of the ordinary - that is, until he meets Miss Fanny Waverley. The beautiful Miss Fanny, however, finds it quite hard to think of all men as cruel and lustful beasts - how can she, when now she finds herself longing to kiss one of the most hated of the species!"

Technically it's book 2 that came out in January, but I missed the first book in the run-up to Christmas so have added the series to my wishlist. They sound like the perfect diversion for foggy days, when Regency romances keep me company better than any other genre.

My Story of Survival.
Narrated by: Boris Hiestand.
Length: 7 hrs and 15 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 09-01-20.
Publisher: Penguin Audio.

"Last Stop Auschwitz is an extraordinary account of life as a prisoner, a near real-time record of the daily struggle to survive but also of the flickering moments of joy Eddy and Friedel found in each other - passing notes through the fence, sometimes stealing a brief embrace. Documenting the best and the worst of humanity, it is a unique and timeless story that reminds us of what we as humans are capable of, but that there is hope, even in Hell. Thought to be the only complete book written within Auschwitz itself, it will linger with you long after the final page has been turned."

75 years on from the liberation of Auschwitz, this book is as important as ever, and though I know it will be a heartrending listen, it's vital that we do not allow ourselves to look away.

Narrated by: Kristin Atherton.
Length: 20 hrs.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 09-01-20.
Publisher: Mantle.

"The Other Bennet Sister, though, shows another side to Mary. An introvert in a family of extroverts; a constant disappointment to her mother who values beauty above all else; fearful of her father’s sharp tongue; with little in common with her siblings – is it any wonder she turns to books for both company and guidance? And, if she finds her life lonely or lacking, that she determines to try harder at the one thing she can be: right."

I've always struggled to like Mary, so will enjoy hearing a story from her perspective, in which she is allowed to shine.

Narrated by: Janine Birkett.
Series: Vera Stanhope, Book 5.
Length: 10 hrs and 36 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 08-01-20.
Publisher: Isis Publishing Ltd.

"DI Vera Stanhope is not one to make friends easily, but her hippy neighbours keep her well-supplied in homebrew and conversation. But when one of them goes missing, her path leads her to more than a missing friend... Calling in the team, Vera knows that she should hand the case over. She’s too close to the main suspect. But the investigation is too tempting and she’s never been one to follow the rules."

Having been watching the latest series of Vera on ITV, I've decided that I really need to get back into the habit of listening to the books, too. Can never have too much Vera Stanhope!

Narrated by: Lucy-Anne Holmes.
Length: 6 hrs and 52 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 23-01-20.
Publisher: Whole Story QUEST.

"In her mid-thirties, Lucy-Anne Holmes still felt like a novice when it came to sex. But when she tried to find out what she could do about it, she realised everything she googled was geared to male pleasure rather than to women’s. Determined not to let this stop her, Lucy penned a list and set out to discover what her sex life was missing.  Lucy has written the book about sex she wanted to read. It will make you snort with laughter one minute and weep the next; it is frank, eye-opening and inspiring, and will speak to women everywhere."

This one sounds like it could be good fun when I need something lighter, and I like the fact that it's written by a woman of a similar age who is also very disappointed by the dominance of male desire upon our culture.

Narrated by: Laura Kirman.
Length: 10 hrs and 2 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 23-01-20.
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton.

"Flora looks the same, only older - just as Beth would have expected. It's the children that are the problem. Twelve years ago, Thomas and Emily Braid were five and three years old. Today, they look precisely as they did then. They are still five and three. They are Thomas and Emily without a doubt - Beth hears Flora call them by their names - but they haven't changed at all. They are no taller, no older. Why haven't they grown?"

I don't listen to much suspense outside of crime fiction, but this one has an otherworldly quality that intrigues me.

Narrated by: Emma Newman.
Series: Parasol Protectorate, Book 0.
Length: 1 hr and 13 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 03-01-20.
Publisher: Gail Carriger LLC.

"Alexia Tarabotti attends what appears to be a very dull London party, until the new werewolf Alpha turns up, is unconscionably rude to her, and sits on a hedgehog. Don't miss this charming novelette featuring the very first encounter between the Parasolverse's most popular power couple, preternatural Alexia and supernatural Lord Conall Maccon."

I bought this as soon as it was released because Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series is one of my favourites and this prequel has been very long-awaited!

Length: 7 hrs and 37 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 21-01-20.
Publisher: John Murray.

"This collection of narratives from autistic adults is structured around their decades of experience of life, covering 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60 and 70s+. These are varied and diverse, spanning different continents, genders, sexualities and ethnicities, yet the author highlights the common themes that unite them and skilfully draws out these threads."

I have friends and family with diagnoses that sit along the autistic spectrum, but so often 'people with autism' are lumped into a single, homogeneous group, and we seldom hear the experiences of people with autism as they grow older, or step outside the narrow confines of the society that often struggles to understand them.

Narrated by: David Thorpe.
Length: 9 hrs and 35 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 10-01-20.
Publisher: Isis Publishing Ltd.

"Newly appointed as land agent to the youthful Lord Croft, Matthew Rowsley finds plenty to keep him busy as he attends to his lordship's neglected country estate. But he's distracted from his tasks by the disappearance of a young housemaid. Teaming up with housekeeper Mrs Faulkner to get to the bottom of the matter, Matthew uncovers a number of disturbing secrets, scandals and simmering tensions within the household."

This one sounds great, has a superb narrator, and is the first in a new historical mystery series, so this one is waiting for me in my library!

Length: 11 hrs and 8 mins.
Radio/TV Programme.
Release date: 16-01-20.
Publisher: BBC Digital Audio.

"In these 24 episodes, Tom Wrigglesworth phones home for his weekly check-in, giving us a funny, fascinating glimpse into his family background and the influences that have shaped his temperament, opinions and hang ups. As the conversations unfold, Tom takes time out from the calls to explain the situation and his parents’ reactions, and relate various anecdotes from the past which illustrate his family's views. Tom Wrigglesworth's Hang Ups lets us eavesdrop on the Wrigglesworth clan in all their dysfunctional glory - so sit back and enjoy a bit of totally legal phone hacking in these hilarious helpings of down-the-line adventures."

I've loved this series on BBC iPlayer Radio (now BBC Sounds), and listen whenever they are repeated, so it's great to have the chance to keep them in this collection!

Highland Brides.
Narrated by: Joel Froomkin.
Series: Highlander (Sands), Book 8.
Length: 10 hrs and 17 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 28-01-20.
Publisher: HarperAudio.

"Lady Dwyn Innes feels utterly out of place among the eligible women who've descended on Buchanan Keep, vying for the attention of the last unmarried brothers. She isn't long-legged and slender like her sisters, or flirtatious and wily like other lasses. Since her betrothed died, Dwyn has resigned herself to becoming an old maid. Yet a chance encounter with a stranger in the orchard awakens her to a new world of sensation and possibility...."

I haven't heard any of Lyndsay Sands' Highlander books but loved Joel Froomkin's performance recently, so I'm looking forward to giving this one a go!

The Great Courses.
Narrated by: Roy Benaroch MD.
Length: 4 hrs and 49 mins.
Release date: 21-01-20.
Publisher: Audible Original.

"In these 10 eye-opening lectures by a practicing doctor and medical educator, you'll walk through a series of medical mystery cases ripped from history and involving well-known historical figures whose identities are nevertheless hidden from you. Every one of these cases (featuring presidents, scientists, singers, kings, and queens) requires you to use your detective skills to identify and diagnose the mystery patient just like the doctors that attended them. In the process, you'll learn fascinating insights into medicine: both the medicine that was practiced thousands of years ago and the medicine doctors practice today"

As a walking medical mystery myself, this one appeals to my curiosity and unfortunate first-hand experience.

Nate Temple Series, Book 1.
Narrated by: Joel Richards.
Series: Temple Chronicles, Book 1.
Length: 11 hrs and 11 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 08-01-20.

"My name is Nate Temple, and I'm secretly a wizard. I ride a foul-mouthed unicorn, drink with Achilles, and am pals with the Four Horsemen. I've even cow tipped the Minotaur. I understand the theory of following the rules. I'm just not very good at the application."

I don't know anything about this book and have never read anything by the author before, but how could I not add it to my wishlist with that summary?!

Narrated by: Zara Ramm.
Length: 2 hrs and 19 mins.
Unabridged Audiobook.
Release date: 25-12-19.
Language: English.
Publisher: Headline.

"It's Christmas at St Mary's and time for the traditional illicit jump. Except this one is perfectly legal. It's Major Guthrie's last jump. To the Battle of Bannockburn, no less. An important moment in history for two nations - one that warrants everyone's full attention. But Max soon finds herself grappling with a near-lethal game of pooh sticks, another avian incursion and two turbulent teenagers intent on piloting their own illegal jump. And that's all before they even get near 14th-century Scotland.  For this is St Mary's, and nothing is ever simple."

I'm not quite caught up on the Chronicles of St Mary's because I save them all until I really need to revisit a favourite world, but I buy them as soon as they become available. This is Taylor's 2019 Christmas story so just sneaks into my January roundup as I didn't manage to add it until New Year.

Phew! That's my wishlist well and truly padded out, and we're only a month in to 2020.

Which new releases have you listened to this month, and what has been added to your wishlist?

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