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Short & Sweet Review: A Bride for Bode

A Bride for Bode audiobook cover. A pretty girl gazes out from a green backdrop. A Bride for Bode by Marisa Masterson.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐
Duration: 2 hrs 48 mins.

A Bride for Bode, The Proxy Brides, Book 21 by Marisa Masterson is a nice, faith-led love story about a couple who do not meet until after their wedding.

Audible Summary: "Bode needs this opportunity to prove he can be a successful businessman. His trustee, however, won't release the necessary funds unless Bode marries, by proxy, the man's choice of brides. He willing agrees. After all, he can annul the marriage after the money is in his possession.

All thoughts of annulment disappear when he meets his less than shy or wilting Violet. But will Violet stay with him when she learns how Bode makes his living? Why do attempts on his life start when he makes it clear to the people around him that he plans to stay married?

©2019 Marisa Masterson (P)2019 Marisa Masterson."

A Bride for Bode is a sweet, traditional romance, with religious themes throughout. Though this audiobook was listed as a Historical Romance due to its old west setting, I felt that it fits much more comfortably in the Christian Romance category, as faith is central to the plot and is referenced at each stage of the characters' development.

It's a very gentle story, with an undemanding plot and quite a simple writing style. There are few surprises in any of the revelations as the mysteries are resolved, and it is clear from the start that goodly, clean-living, family values will triumph over the evils of others. It felt very much like the sort of bedtime story a church-going grandmother would tell a little girl, with a strong moral message and a happy ever after at the end.

I don't know enough about US history of the era to know if it was especially accurate in the regard, and could not quite place the date in which it was set. The use of "diaper" for the baby's lower swaddling felt rather modern to my British ear, but I learnt that it was recorded as being in use for a nappy or 'napkin' from the late 1830s.

The narrator, Jessica Caruso, has a very friendly, expressive voice that was pleasant to listen to, but her pacing and inflection was occasionally a little mechanical with odd pauses. This was made more obvious by the proliferation of adjectives within the writing, which were often tagged-on to the end of a sentence, conspicuously.

I would recommend this audiobook to listeners who like traditional, sweet, clean, Christian romances.

*I received this audiobook free of charge in the hope of an honest, unbiased review.

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