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Review: Her Stern Doctor

Her Stern Doctor audiobook cover. A young man and woman embrace, heatedly Her Stern Doctor by Morganna Williams.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐
Duration: 2 hrs 23 mins
🔥Steamy Content!🔥

Her Stern Doctor by Morganna Williams is an erotic short story with a very explicit and uncompromising kink.

Nurse Kendra Jacoby has heard plenty of rumours about Dr Derek Malcom and they have done nothing to quieten her desire for the demanding, arrogant medic; much to her annoyance! As her professional manners slip a little in the heat of the moment, she expects to be fired for her rudeness. But once in the Doctor's office, it becomes clear that he has an alternative reprimand in mind...

Content Warning: This audiobook contains D/s discipline and over-the-knee training, which initially has a slightly dubious relationship with consent. If that's not for you then give this one a miss.

Her Stern Doctor is a surprisingly character-driven BDSM short story, which packs a lot of action and emotion into its two and a half hours.

Dr Malcom is a gloriously Dominant, powerful hero, whose confident sternness complements Kendra's softness and insecurity well. Whilst it becomes obvious that he is an experienced Dom, their first night together proves to be revelatory for her, as she begins to discover how much she enjoys submitting to Doctor's orders.

Derek's seniority within the practice forms the basis of their Daddy Dom/Little Girl relationship, and could be a good introduction to the genre because the listeners' familiarity with the scene  grows with Kendra's. 

Some of the submissive aspects didn't appeal to me on a personal level, in particular the medical procedure early on, but the attraction between the couple built steadily and was sustained throughout. Their interactions were certainly steamy and full of enthusiasm, though I would have very much enjoyed having more insight into Derek's POV during their more intimate moments.

It was heartening to see limits and consent addressed directly by the characters, though a little late in the story, and nice to see subdrop touched-upon too. Throughout Kendra's 'training' Derek's tender ministrations ensured that it wasn't just his patients who received the best aftercare. Considering the constraints of the brief format, I was really surprised to find their relationship, and its limits, explored in such depth.

On an emotional level, I did find it a bit cheesy in places and wasn't certain that it required such a conventional HEA. I'm not sure that juxtaposing the fetishistic elements with such traditional romance really felt like it worked for me, but I can imagine that being a specific draw for others. The parallels with Malcom Sr were a fun addition to the main narrative and lent Derek's assertiveness some context.

I also laughed aloud when Dr Malcom mused that he "had every intention of slaying all [Kendra's] dragons from now on. Even slow-eyed dragons like Serena."

The narrator, Jack Calihan, has a rich and deep voice, and was very well suited to this kind of story. Despite the bulk of it being from Kendra's perspective I was glad the author chose a male narrator. It helped to bring Dr Malcom's character to life and emphasise his dominance over every aspect of the matter in hand. Though in many ways it is Kendra's story, it was apt that Derek's voice be the one which comes to define the audiobook.

Irrespective of the subject matter, I would go so far as to say that Calihan purring "Good girl" is almost worth the credit alone. If I had it as some form of phone notification whenever I ticked something off my To-Do list, I'm certain I'd accomplish far more of my daily tasks!

Much as I enjoyed the seductiveness of Calihan's performance, his unusual pronunciation of a certain pleasure-specific organ made me laugh in a way that would have been impossible to explain had I been overheard, because it sounded more like a dinosaur than a body part.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who is intrigued by the genre and willing to remain open to a relationship containing a significant power exchange. Anyone who likes their erotic fiction to be sweet and saucy is likely to enjoy this one.

*I received this audiobook free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.