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Review: On Her High Horse

On Her High Horse audiobook cover, a handsome young man kisses a young blonde woman On Her High Horse by Lucy Felthouse.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐
Duration: 1 hr 46 mins.
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On Her High Horse by Lucy Felthouse is an erotic short story which centres around handsome veterinarian Brett Coulson and haughty stable-owner Samantha Hanson-Bishop. The young vet has been warned about the practice's most demanding client, but nothing quite prepares him for their first meeting. It's fair to say that sparks fly between Brett and Samantha, but initially they are more of the kind we were warned about in 90s Public Safety Announcements about playing with a kite near a pylon. Thrown together again at a fundraiser they are both shocked to feel that initial frisson of electricity turning into something a little less deadly, but just as tingly all over...

The narrative style and writing were both as 'down to Earth' as Brett himself professed to be, and there was a distinct Britishness to it all that was quite refreshing.

Julie-Ann Amos' narration was engaging, with good intonation and inflection preventing her performance from being flat. Each of her characters had distinct voices, though my initial impression was that her tone was a bit headmistress-ish, but as I learned more about Samantha this actually came to feel like a good fit. The fact that Amos sounds not dissimilar to Liza Tarbuck was a little disconcerting at times - such as when she was very matter-of-factly describing Brett addressing his frustrations in a layby - but it helped the story lose the melodramatic pretension that is so common in stories of this nature, and lent it some humourousness (if sometimes unintentionally).

Whilst we are always encouraged not to judge a book by its cover, that is especially important in this case, as the cover does not represent the contents very well at all. Samantha describes herself as old enough to be Brett's mother, and a sexless, possibly pre-menopausal, divorcee who has not been attracted to any man in a very long time. I think that makes Samantha a much more interesting protagonist than the cookie-cutter Babestation-blonde on the cover, and one who would appeal to a broader range of women who might be searching for a steamy fantasy romp that also feels tantalisingly resonant.

The writing could do with a bit of polish but I doubt anyone is listening to this book for its literary merit. I also felt that the intimate scenes could have explored Brett's experience in more detail, but if you want a steamy short story that doesn't take itself too seriously then this one certainly fits the bill.

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