Throwback Thursday Review: Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: Your Powerful Key for Manifesting Money, Success, Love or Even Win the Lottery Almost Effortlessly! audiobook cover. An old key rests on a wooden tabletop. A tag hanging from the key reads "life" Law of Attraction - Your Powerful Key for Manifesting Money, Success, Love or Even Win the Lottery Almost Effortlessly! by Abraham Vitale.
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Duration: 1 hr 23 mins.

Law of Attraction introduces listeners to the idea that they can influence the world around them to attract greater prosperity and wellbeing.

I was unfamiliar with some of the terminology (such as Theosophy, one of the disciplines from which previous authors have drawn), but after listening to this book I feel much more informed about the background of LOA, the historical roots of similar teachings such as the New-Thought Movement, and its contemporary applications.

I have a relative who believes in the LOA very firmly, and is – generally speaking – a good advert for its principles. It is tempting to extrapolate Douglas Adams’ “interconnectedness of all things” into something with a more spiritual bent, especially for an agnostic/agnostic-theist whose ‘belief’ is currently unfocused and lacking any formal or guided structure. The notion that there is some control over the Universe, and our place within it, is alluring, but I think this subject suffers from the abuse that has been wrought upon it by religious institutions and celebrities who misappropriate the themes. Suspending disbelief in order to correctly apply the techniques is the most difficult step, and also the most necessary one according to this book.

Having been through the CBT process I found the comparisons particularly interesting, and could identify areas in which problematic thoughts were dealt with in a similar way. Many of the techniques for avoiding catastrophising, generalising, and overthinking are things that I already apply, so it was interesting to see how they intersect with the fundamental tenets of the Law of Attraction.

The affirmations and positive visualisations are, I think, helpful techniques for becoming more positive. Generating a relaxed state and contemplating positive changes and desires is not a bad habit to get into, regardless of one’s thoughts on the metaphysical aspect of the LOA.

The narrator, Jeff Lewis, did well. He was engaging and pleasant to listen to, and at no point did I find myself ‘zoning out’, which would be easily done with this kind of book. I think it’s an audiobook I will have to listen to more than once to overcome my initial bias, and fortunately his narration means that will not be a chore.

I’d recommend this book to anyone else who would like to understand the principles better, and perhaps begin applying the Laws of Attraction to their own lives.

*I received this audiobook free of charge in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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