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Happy Public Domain Day!

Browsing some of the books from 1923 whose copyright protection has expired, and which have now become freely available in the public domain, I see that there are several by favourite audiobook authors. At this time of year, when I am most in need of books which are comforting and easy to digest, it is especially interesting to see three by a grande dame of Regency romance, Georgette Heyer, make the list. The Great Roxhythe, Instead of the Thorn, and The Transformation of Philip Jettan - later known as Powder and Patch  - have all become available for publication, distribution, and adaptation, in whole or in part. 

Might this mean we see some new audiobook adaptations this year? Many audiobook charities like the RNIB often rely upon donations to facilitate their own adaptations of popular novels. Having three new works by a much-loved author emerge from their copyright protection ought to reduce the cost of producing new content - perhaps even bringing work by other less well-known authors to an audiobook audience for the first time. 

It will also be a boon to fans of the free audiobook service LibriVox, who can expect to hear lots of new content being recorded by their enthusiastic volunteers, both this year and with each to come as subsequent copyrights expire. 

Perhaps there will be a 1920s revival in time for the roaring 2020s! 

This article by Open Culture explains why there has been such a lengthy gap between this release of material and the previous one, in 1997. 

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.