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So it Begins

Image shows a far-flung galaxy, overlaid with text bearing the Terry Pratchett quote: "In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded."

Hello and welcome to my little blog, floating in cyberspace somewhere at the far end of the Universe. May I take your coat? Would you like a cup of tea? (Say yes, as it gives me an excuse to make myself one, and little endears me to a person more than that.)

Whilst I do review a few audiobooks as advance copies, the majority come from my eclectic personal collection. My Audible library looks like a charity shop bookshelf, with a handful of celebrity biographies squeezed in beside the history textbooks, plenty of dog-eared Gaiman novels, and enough Discworld books to build an adequately-defended fortress. What I listen to depends on my mood and my health, with fluffier audiobooks being a mainstay when energy is low or pain levels are high.

I aim to listen to one or two a week, which isn't a lot but does then leave me time to catch up with my favourite podcasts, binge on BBC iPlayer Radio shows, and occasionally speak to my friends and loved ones.

I hope these reviews help you discover a few new favourites, and that your comments and suggestions steer me towards some, too. To find the audioboks you are most interested in, you can either search the blog for keywords, or navigate to book reviews of your favourite genres using the labels in the column on the right. Audiobooks I have reviewed after receiving a free copy are labelled as such for transparency. 

Now, there's just time to squeeze in one more chapter... And perhaps another cup of tea... 

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*All product links may lead to affiliated content. Full disclaimer here.